Can you do company registration in Thailand back to back?

If you want to create more than a business during the company registration in Thailand, can you do that? This is a question that a lot of people which want to create more than a single business have. And the reality is that while it can definitely take a little bit to manage and adjust everything, it will definitely be worth it as long as you do it right.


Our Intellectual Property Area practice offers expertise in the field of domestic and foreign trademarks, patents and copyrights matters, unfair competition, licensing and related litigation.

Soley, Saborío, Fallas & Asociados understands that patents, trademarks and copyrights are among the most valuable assets of the companies, for this reason we assign a high priority to the protection of our clients' intellectual property rights.


Soley, Saborío, Fallas & Asociados offers services in the field of law dealing with legal and business issues in the entertainment and sports industry, involving the representation of professional athletes, negotiation of contracts, the protection of Intellectual Property Rights of professional athletes and sports organizations, among others.

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Since its foundation in 1987, our Firm has developed into a leading Costa Rican Law Firm. Soley, Saborío, Fallas & Asociados is a full service law Firm offering a wide range of practice areas to a diverse client base.

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